Sharmila L. Murthy is an Assistant Professor at Suffolk University Law School where she teaches  Property Law, Environmental Law, International Environmental Law and  International and Comparative Perspectives on Poverty and Human Rights.

Here are some sample comments from her former students:

  • “Professor Murthy is amazing.  She made me feel like she really cared about my understanding the subject.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend her to anyone.  Do not change anything Prof. Murthy – the entire class loved you!”
  • “Murthy is the best teacher (professor) I’ve ever had – graduate, law school, undergrad or otherwise.”
  • “Professor Murthy is a great professor.  She’s engaging, extremely bright, brings a little levity, and really seems to care whether or not students are grasping the material.”
  • “I appreciate the obvious great effort the instructor puts into using various methods to stimulate students who learn in different ways.”
  • “Professor Murthy is incredible!  She is so invested in each student’s success.  She is clear cut, never hides the ball and helps to keep us focused on the whole picture of law school.”
  • “Professor Murthy is enthusiastic and inspires me to be a better student.”